Alien Artefact 202


Alien Artefact 202 is an exciting Team Building experience. A Reality Game of 3½ days duration for groups of 8 to 16 people costing £2500.


Your clients will become a team of Field Agents working for the International Intelligence Agency (the IIA) investigating the disappearance of an important scientist from a secret government research laboratory underneath the Kingsnorth Power Station.


Slowly they put together the evidence as they discover that a wreckage in the Medway River is more than it is claimed to be. You can see the wreckage on google maps. If you zoom out you will see the power station under which is the laboratory.

They won't need any special technical experience and they don't need to have worked for MI5, but it helps.

This is not like James Bond - We aim for realism. There are no gun battles, just a tug boat, a ship, a mission, technology, patience, persistence, a shoe-string radio factory, in which they build a radio to keep. And, of course, there has to be an "Alien Artefact".

Please remember to keep this website and the name Science Faction secret from your clients.

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You will need to prepare clients by telling them that this is no ordinary tourist event. This is an investigation, a trail of evidence to be followed. Sometimes it will rain and sometimes the sun will shine. This is the reality of training and working as a Field Agent in the International Intelligence Agency.

Once you are convinced the client wants to go ahead then you can give them the mission briefing.

Science Faction will instruct you on how the mission briefing is done, and what is involved in order to give clients a very realistic experience.

To get a feeling for the event we have created a page you can explore on your computer. Turn up the sound and click on the phone: Explore Alien Artefact 202.

It should be noted that the price of £2300 does not include the cost of accommodation, travel or food. Clients should carry cash to buy food as they work, and you can perhaps arrange the overnight accommodation with Science Faction's help.

Please make sure that clients take the weather seriously as cold people are miserable people. This is, after all, an adventure in the real world.

Explore Alien Artefact 202

Day ½

The first half a day consists of a visit from the IIA group leader. Where ever the clients are the IIA group leader visits them to introduce Operation OUTLANDER which explains the reason they are being asked to be agents.

Should they choose to become IIA agents then Operation WANDERER is introduced and clients settle down to examine and discuss the current evidence.

The obvious conclusion is that the agents need to travel to the Medway in Kent in order to interview people and examine the locations for them selves.

Day 1


The day begins travelling to the Medway area and with the setup of the temporary HQ at chatham docks. Then they split up and agents are allocated to interview people and examine the sites.

We setup our link-boards and continue the investigation from there carefully noting the links between the articles of evidence we have and the additional evidence we collect.

Day 2


It becomes clear from the evidence collected the day before, that Doctor Hammond, the scientist we are looking for, had among other things, a curious interest in radio direction finding and this leads clients to a radio workshop in the dockyard where they build a radio for direction finding.

There are two radio wavelengths given in the evidence collected and the search for the radio transmitters begins.

It becomes apparent, through triangulation, that the radio transmitters will require some effort to get to and as they are a few miles away.

Day 3


This is the day they particularly need a good set of boots, a warm coat if it's cold. It can be muddy. The mission continues and they find the transmitters and from these discover a bunker and something entirely extraordinary that must be delivered to a location before the sun sets - that of course leads to them saving the world.

For more information please telephone 07971 308270.

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Do you have what it takes to be become an Agent of the International Intelligence Agency IIA? For your mission you will be posing as a tourist but you will be investigating the disappearance of a leading scientist who worked at the top secret Kingsnorth Research Laboratory near what was once an old navel base.

No prior experience is necessary. Your Chief Investigaton Officer CIO will explain everything and train you in the investigative techniques and the technology you need to make your mission a success. If you have it in you, we will bring it out.

Expect to work indoors and outdoors, bring a coat and a good set of boots, you don't need to have worked for MI5 but it helps.

"What you learn will change the way you think and what you build and take home will prove you can do more than you thought possible. This is so real that when your in it you begin to believe it."

This is not a drill, this is a reality game.

Expect to be convinced.

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